Join Stewart Mennin, Glenda Eoyang and Mary Nations in a unique collaboration between AMEE-ESME and the Human Systems Dynamics Institute. Lead comfortably at the edge of uncertainty; learn to collaborate and negotiate effectively; find what works; and make what works better.


Medical education requires working effectively with people in the complex settings you encounter every day, when you may have little control or ability to predict what is unfolding. Examples include course and curriculum planning and evaluation, coordinated institution-wide student assessments, and teaching and learning in health services, clinics and hospitals. In the absence of reliable prediction and sufficient control, you must be prepared with effective skills, methods and tools to take wise action.

This course – Lead in Complexity – introduces you to such leadership practices for just such successful informed decision-making in your work. The 8-week online course provides clear and practical skills, methods and tools necessary to adapt and sustain medical education courses and programmes in a rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain world. Understand, develop, and practice effective leadership for 21st century medical education.
Register now until January 27.

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