The AMEE Research Committee is pleased to invite you to submit a short pre-proposal for the AMEE Grant for Medical Educators working in Resource Constrained Settings


AMEE, an international organisation, seeks to promote scholarship and research in medical education, advance knowledge and best practices and build a global community of scholars. AMEE is introducing a new programme to provide financial support to create opportunities for educational research projects among medical educators working in emerging, disadvantaged and/or resource-constrained settings. These may include regions where there is ongoing conflict, migration, poverty, and insufficient access to basic health care and service, and/or contexts with limited resources for medical education.

By research in medical education, we mean a disciplined approach to inquiry that builds upon and refers to the work of others in the field of study, is available and widely disseminated to the public, is reviewed critically by peers and is adopted and adapted by others to inform and guide related work. Areas appropriate for medical education research could include, but are not exclusive to, teaching and learning in all settings and scenarios, assessment of learning, curriculum development and planning, mentoring and faculty development, evaluation of curricula and institutions, and leadership.
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